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Need to transport your goods by road? Cross Border? Seaway? Air Way? Groupage or full container? And / or multimodal services. Your priority speed or cost?
Working with your logistics providers should not be a logistical nightmare in itself that’s why we developed the Transport Management Center. This is a unique resource that guarantees all your shipping needs. This resource optimizes your network and reduces costs, it consists of:

  • Maritime transport ship reservation,
  • Preparation of Lading,
  • Preparation and electronic filing of export declaration,
  • Preparation, consolidation and transmission of the export document,
  • Single Source for all your transportation needs,
  • Individual or integrated services,
  • Monitoring capacity and visibility of the goods.

Flexibility of a neutral vendor: Today and fundamentally, supply chains continue to operate within the sets of more complex and dynamic variables. ACC Ltd. is one of the most diversified transportation companies in the country with a logistics team, seasoned with professionalism in freight management and able to exponentially expand and simplify the supply chain of a customer, tactically and operatively.